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Escorts From Erongo

Erongo, Namibia

Erongo region is known for fish, uranium, camels and sandy beaches. This is the hub for local, international business as well as leisure and fun.

Located in Central Western Namibia, the region has breathtaking landscapes that act as a magnet for tourists. In addition, Erongo is the place you need to visit to see the ancient Bushmen artwork.

Apart from uranium, Erongo is also a producer of gold, marble, granite, sea salt, and gemstones.

All in all, the tourism industry is growing at a fast rate, and agriculture at its hinterland serves as the main livelihood in Erongo. At Walvis Bay port, the most important sea, air, and road routes converge facilitating national, regional, and international trade.

Therefore, you have a higher chance of meeting hardworking Namibians as well as fun-loving foreigners in Erongo.

What you need to know about men and women in Erongo

The Damara people live in this region and are nomads who mainly used to rely on hunting to survive. They practice small-scale agriculture, growing mainly tobacco and pumpkins. The Damara also mine and smelt copper.

Nowadays livestock rearing has become very popular among these people as well as the cultivation of corn and vegetables. A large number of the people are employed in urban centers as teachers, clerics, and officials.

The Herero community also lives in this region. They are the only Nomad-Bantu group in Namibia and represent only 8% of the total population of the country. Herero women are taught how to be good housekeepers and wives from a young age, and are still taught how to keep to the sacred fire and drink milk from the sacred calabash, ‘ehoro, which are important rituals in Herero traditional marriages.

If you find yourself in the hands of Erongo women, just know you will live to cherish those moments. There will always be a fire to keep you warm.

Prostitution in Erongo

Prostitution in Erongo region is widely practiced in Walvis Bay and the coastal regions. However, the most common approach is ‘social prostitution’ where the prostitutes, call girls and hookers frequent local bars and clubs to meet potential clients over a drink.

Foreign fishermen are the main customers since they pay for services using foreign currency.

It is estimated that more than 500 people engage in prostitution in this region. However, tourists and international businessmen working in the mines and fishing industry have also made the region attractive to high end escorts and international travel companions.

Where to pick up Erongo women faster

It is not easy to tell which of the women you meet in Erongo daily is ready for some action under the sheets. However, if you are in need of local girls for fun and casual sex, you may want to check some of the popular cities such as ;

  • Walvis bay
  • Omaruru
  • Swakopmund
  • Hentiesbaai
  • Otijmbiigwe
  • Uis
  • Usakos

There are other places where Namibian men and women will frequent daily. These include:

Shopping malls such as Dunes mall, Platz Am Meer, Ocean view shopping Centre, and Fruit and Veg city

Bars such as Infinity Lounge which is popular for cold drinks and Naija music, Rio Copa Discoteca which mainly attracts international clientele, Lothar’s Steakhouse the best hang out for young people, and Styles Lounge which is known for its calm and peaceful environment.

Cinema halls such as Atlanta Cinema are popular for catching 3D movies and so if you love movies, you can always pick up like-minded girls there any day of the week.

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Escorts from Erongo

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