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Gochas Township

It’s a small town in the Hardap Region of Namibia. It’s located South East of Mariental and southwest of Stampriet. It lies on the bank of River Auob as well as along the Mata Mata road that leads to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

The village has been the main settlement of the ǃKharakhoen (Fransman Nama), a subtribe of the Nama people, since 1889.

During colonial Herero Wars in German southwest Africa, Gochas was the battlefield. It was used as a military post and camel station under Imperial German rule. In January 1905 the Germans defeated the Nama chief Simon Kooper here. The final battle of the war, the Battle of Seatsub, was fought in Bechuanaland in March 1908. Capt. Friedrich von Erckert was killed in action, and a memorial was built in Gochas.

Just like most places in Namibia, Gochas’ foremost tourist attractions include the marvelous Sahara Desert Sand Dunes and the rare desert foxes. It’s also as cosmopolitan as other locations across Namibia.

Enjoy the beauty of Gochas especially during the morning sunrise and during the late evening sunset. Marvel at the most alluring mirage that hovers over the expansive Sahara Desert.

As darkness sets in, the party starts. Patronize Gochas’ nightclubs as you listen to the natural mystic tunes of the Sahara Desert winds swashing from the Atlantic Ocean and clashing in the middle of the Sand Dunes.

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