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This is the smallest region in Namibia, but one of the swimmers’ favourite destinations. The region is filled with lots of culture begging to be explored, with the 4-day Totem cultural exchange expo attracting thousands of people who want to experience Namibia’s culture first-hand. It is also home to the largest open market in Namibia, Oshakati Omatala in Ondangwa, and one of the most visited medical museums, Onandjokwe Medical Museum. All these are opportunities to meet with authentic Namibians for dates and hookups.

Where to meet Oshana girls and men for hookups

There is no doubt Oshana women are well educated. Apart from those in business, you will bump into medical students exploring the rich medical museum, giving you an opportunity to hang out with educated Namibian girls.

However, you can consider other social places for companionship. Some of the best clubs are found in the region are;

  • Kissing pub in Ondangwa
  • Three Sister mall in Ondangwa
  • Tavern Bar in Oshakati
  • B1 bar in Ongwediva
  • Okalongo bar in Ongwediva

Where to find Oshana call girls, escorts and hookers

The bars and markets are the best places to try your luck in finding nice Oshana girls to hang out with. Most call girls meet up in local bars and are often accept cash and other material things like clothes for payment.

However, majority of those girls you see in clubs do not know their HIV status and have not had proper sex education, so carry your own protection. Most local men also believe that a woman who uses condoms has HIV or is dirty.

The main occupants of Oshana are the Owambo people, followed by the San in Oshana. These people believe in farming and their women, therefore, understand the value of working hard to put food on the table. They also know how to cook. However, for fear of being taken through the Olufuko festival, girls try not to fall pregnant outside of wedlock.

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