Windhoek City

To most travelers, Windhoek is nothing more than a transit city, a place to fly in, collect a 4×4 rental, and head out to popular destinations such as Sossusvlei or Etosha Pan. This has attracted a huge number of escorts who are willing to accompany sole travelers on 4×4 self-drive rides for a small fee.

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What you need to know about Windhoek

Situated in a pretty valley, Windhoek is Namibia’s capital. Windhoek is a bustling metropolis that is unexpectedly neat and orderly, though this is perhaps less surprising when one considers it was a German territory for many years. It lies at an elevation of 5,428 feet (1,654 metres) and is about 400 miles (650 km) north of the Orange River and 760 miles (1,225 km) north of Cape Town, South Africa.

This is the main port of call for most tourists, and all travelers pass through the city at least once. It boasts buildings very much in the German architectural style. Today, Windhoek has between 300,000 to 400,000 (depending on the source of information) inhabitants.

Before European settlement began, the town was known as Aigams, meaning “hot water,” in reference to the hot springs in the region. The area was initially settled by Khoekhoe and Herero peoples. In 1890 the site of the present town was claimed by the German government.

Windhoek is the main commercial center of Namibia, being linked by road and railway to the port of Walvis Bay and to South Africa.

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  • Joe’s Beer House

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Things to do in Windhoek

Windhoek is the political, cultural, industrial, and economic center of Namibia.

Windhoek is a modern, well-groomed city where office workers lounge around Zoo Park at lunchtime, tourists funnel through Post St Mall admiring African curios, and taxis whizz around honking at potential customers. Neobaroque cathedral spires, as well as a few seemingly misplaced German castles, punctuate the skyline and complement the steel-and-glass high-rises.

The influence of the German colonial times can still be seen today: German Restaurants, several German street names, German beer, bread, and sausages. Especially the German carnival is celebrated to a great extend! In some of the shops, one can communicate in German even though the official language in Namibia is English.

The Namibian beer is said to be the best in Africa and is brewed in Windhoek. The town offers quite a few places of interest for example the Christuschurch, the Tintenpalast (seat of the government), the old fort „Alte Feste“ the monument of the German rider as well as several museums and galleries.

Heroes’ Acre is a modern, state-of-the-art national symbol that was inaugurated by His Excellency, Dr. Sam Nujoma, Founding President of the Republic of Namibia, on 26 August 2002. Its construction was motivated by the need to foster a spirit of patriotism and nationalism, and to pass on the legacy to the future generations of Namibia. Heroes’ Acre took 13 months to construct and covers a total area of over 732 hectares. It houses 174 graves, is 286.7 meters long, and has a width of 134.2 meters. It has a parking area of over 9 824 m2, while a three-kilometer palisade fence protects the monument.

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